Friday, June 4, 2010

Sacramento Falling Apart

If you have been watching the news lately, you would know there are not many good things happening in Sacramento. The city's budget is shrinking more and more to the point where we can't even afford normal levels of police and fire service anymore. At first the public was told it would simply be a few cuts here and there, in the jail system and police forces, but yesterday's news declares that fire station funding will be cut below minimum coverage.

This has happened first to the local fire station that was at the severe apartment fire that had happened this week at meadowview. Many people in Sacramento County are wondering how much longer they can get by with high taxes and low public service of the most basic kind. Hearing from friends that the police arrive at scenes in about 5 minutes only if their is an assault happening; if you arrive at your house which had been robbed, the police tell you they will be there the next morning in 12 hours.

Considering the unknown route of Sacramento's future, what will the future hold for the people in the area? Will they chose dependancy on a system that can no longer provide for them, or will they create a more effective way of running the community? We believe that all the various tribes must stand together not just for our rights but also security and safety the government is failing to provide us.

Whatever the future holds, it is imperative to not wait until things get any worse, now is the time to reform our communities neighborhood and social life with the tribes of the Sacramento area. Living a more integrated, successful, and fulfilling lifestyle is possible no matter which way the economy goes and the Sacramento National Anarchists Collective are doing what we can to make make that happen.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Reality of the Situation: Why Integration has Failed

Its easy to assume that there is no longer tension between the different ethnic groups and polarized cultures that live together in America today, which in turn California is among the most diverse places to be in the United States.

The question is: is the situation any better between the "tribes" if you will, than it was at the time of MLK jr?

The institution of de jure segregation is no more in 2010, but what then is the cause of de facto segregation that is with us to this day? If the government is no longer imposing segregation, then why do we still have it two generations after the fact? Why do new immigrants live in neighborhoods of their own nationality here in America, even if they have more than enough money to choose to live where they want in America? The real question is: why isn't integration a natural process?

What causes Fresno California to be a naturally segregated city when European-American make a small portion of the population? Why do Asians not want to live with those of African descent, Mexicans in Fresno not to live in the same area as neither. Why do Middle-Eastern Fresnans live in a separate part of town as well? Why isn't integration easy to do?

While growing up in a mostly mestizo-Mexican neighborhood in southern California, I have noticed these natural inclinations as much as you might have too if you have lived in a neighborhood where you were a minority, or there were more than two ethnicities, and when tension is there even if so subtle. These subtleties that some call institutional racism are simple natural instinct, after all, one does not need to learn such "institutions" to develop the same result.

The natural instinct behind white flight for the majority of European-Americans is the same reason which keep other tribes together in the United States, and segregated from others. Even those who are of mixed descent pick a side (culture) sub-consciously, even if they are not wanted by the tribe they choose. These choices are what keep the variety alive, not integration which kills variety, the same as mixing all colors on a palette; until they no longer exist.

In the meantime try not to judge those who make such choices, because you and everyone around you has already made a choice of their own.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Day 2010: Over a dozen armed antifa assault only four BANA members

On May Day 2010, four BANA members were protesting in support of the Arizona immigration law. They came to the protest to fight for the American working class whose wages have been lowered due to the lack of immigration enforcement in the United States. The group of BANA members were assaulted by antifa carrying brass knuckles and used mace on them before attacking. They tried to steal a backpack from them also,probably to get information as to plan more attacks on BANA. Many of the antifa ran after the fight was stopped by the police, but most of the antifa suspects were caught and/or identified by the BANA victims. One of the BANA members, a girl, was physically attacked by men, showing how cowardly the attack was on top of all else that happened there.

Source: "immigration march scuffle"

Blog is active again!

Sorry we couldn't keep this blog up to date in the past months, but it will now be updated on a weekly basis!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

White Cross Patrol an eye opening success!

In August of 2009 we walked around downtown Sacramento, handing out packages with everyday necessities to help the homeless members of our community. We were able to achieve the funds for this to be possible with the support of Sacramento residents who donated during our car wash fundraiser earlier in the fall.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

We have hit the groud running

After a long period of thought and planning, SNAC and it's dedicated members are ready turn thought into action by promoting education, positive action and building a true community together for our people working tirelessly toward the collective good.

Sacramento, but nature and nurture is a politically charged area. While this may make it difficult for us to express our unique views, it gives us the opportunity to be heard by many. If we are able to reach the few enlightened individuals in the crowd, our goal has met fruition.

Many of us, me included, have felt the painful ramifications that are a direct result of the declining cohesion in our community. The recent economic downfall, the rise in crimes perpetrated against our people, the scourge of drugs of rampant alcoholism and the lack of resources to fight these battles has forced us to take a stand. We see a solution and it is already alive among us.

A simple way of living, surrounding ones self with other like minded people all working toward the common good of the community has stood the test of time as a successful social structure. It is our fervent desire and moral duty to bring our communities back to this proven means of not only surviving but prevailing in the face of adversity.

Our elemental strength does not lie in leadership or a governing party, but the core that is our people. Our numbers are not indicative of our power, rather our devotion to the greater good of the community. We currently are few, but it is our desire to grow and build our support system. It is not important to us to have a hoardes of individuals, but rather a solid collective of strong people no matter what that physical number may be. If you have experienced what we have and feel what we do about our future and are ready to take the next step in creating a positive change for our people, join us in positive action.

Here are a few examples of the positive activities we and our colleagues have engaged in over the last year:

Beach Clean Up
APAC protests
Cystic fibrosis fundraising and March
Protest and Support at the Palestinian Freedom march in San Francisco
Distribution of educational materials
Community camping trips
Tea Party Protests
Fundraising car wash

Here are a few of the events we have planned for our Sacramento group for the remainder of 2009:

White Cross, distributing essentials such as tooth brushes, razors, hygiene products, space blankets and educational materials to the homeless and needy of our area.

SNAC fundraising car wash for White Cross and other community assistance projects
River Clean Up and BBQ
SNAC camping trip
Blanket and shoe drive for homeless and needy for the cold winter months
Picnic and softball in the park
School Supply Drive for area foster children

If you are interested in helping out with your time or donations for any of the above activities or if you have any other ideas for helping our community and spreading positivity and education among our people please contact us. Also, if you have any interest in our group or desire further information please drop us a line via email and one of us will personally get back to you.

Thank you and please check back often as we update our blog at least weekly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Picnic in the park and a time to celebrate our heritage

There are great many of us fervent in the struggle for the establishment of a tribalist existence. Until our goals have met fruition, we can revel in the glory that is breaking bread, enjoying the great outdoors and being in each other's company. A rather large group of "us" recently got together for a picnic and BBQ to celebrate the glory of spring and to welcome in the much awaited summer months. My children played with their own, my friends were at ease and we all felt a sense of safety and solidarity. We stayed until the sun began to dip and I did not want this good time to end. With enough persistence and dedication, we can live this everyday. We can raise our children with the morals and standards we see fit. We can trust that as we enter out into the world, our values and heritage will be respected. I like to think that day is not far off, and I emplore you to join me in this cause. We are currently planning another picnic for late May and I would be thrilled if we could double or even triple our numbers. Email with questions or suggestions and further information will be posted on this site within the next two weeks.