Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Picnic in the park and a time to celebrate our heritage

There are great many of us fervent in the struggle for the establishment of a tribalist existence. Until our goals have met fruition, we can revel in the glory that is breaking bread, enjoying the great outdoors and being in each other's company. A rather large group of "us" recently got together for a picnic and BBQ to celebrate the glory of spring and to welcome in the much awaited summer months. My children played with their own, my friends were at ease and we all felt a sense of safety and solidarity. We stayed until the sun began to dip and I did not want this good time to end. With enough persistence and dedication, we can live this everyday. We can raise our children with the morals and standards we see fit. We can trust that as we enter out into the world, our values and heritage will be respected. I like to think that day is not far off, and I emplore you to join me in this cause. We are currently planning another picnic for late May and I would be thrilled if we could double or even triple our numbers. Email with questions or suggestions and further information will be posted on this site within the next two weeks.


  1. Great news, I'm looking forward to it!!

  2. Just subscribed to the blog. Check my blog out. I think we share similar views. Interested in the BBQ too.