Tuesday, September 22, 2009

White Cross Patrol an eye opening success!

In August of 2009 we walked around downtown Sacramento, handing out packages with everyday necessities to help the homeless members of our community. We were able to achieve the funds for this to be possible with the support of Sacramento residents who donated during our car wash fundraiser earlier in the fall.

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  1. You are really compassionate towards other humans, it shows in the type of issues SNAC tends to embrace. A tooth brush and a razor are not just drug store trinkets, they are keys by which a man can regain his dignity in the eyes of society. Priceless.

    I'm also impressed with the description of this autonomous tent community. It's encouraging to see people who have fallen "off the grid" band together and provide safety and rules for eachother -even waste management! I think your group members properly identified that this type of urban squatter tribe is a seed of what what our future holds.