Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Day 2010: Over a dozen armed antifa assault only four BANA members

On May Day 2010, four BANA members were protesting in support of the Arizona immigration law. They came to the protest to fight for the American working class whose wages have been lowered due to the lack of immigration enforcement in the United States. The group of BANA members were assaulted by antifa carrying brass knuckles and used mace on them before attacking. They tried to steal a backpack from them also,probably to get information as to plan more attacks on BANA. Many of the antifa ran after the fight was stopped by the police, but most of the antifa suspects were caught and/or identified by the BANA victims. One of the BANA members, a girl, was physically attacked by men, showing how cowardly the attack was on top of all else that happened there.

Source: "immigration march scuffle"

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