Friday, June 4, 2010

Sacramento Falling Apart

If you have been watching the news lately, you would know there are not many good things happening in Sacramento. The city's budget is shrinking more and more to the point where we can't even afford normal levels of police and fire service anymore. At first the public was told it would simply be a few cuts here and there, in the jail system and police forces, but yesterday's news declares that fire station funding will be cut below minimum coverage.

This has happened first to the local fire station that was at the severe apartment fire that had happened this week at meadowview. Many people in Sacramento County are wondering how much longer they can get by with high taxes and low public service of the most basic kind. Hearing from friends that the police arrive at scenes in about 5 minutes only if their is an assault happening; if you arrive at your house which had been robbed, the police tell you they will be there the next morning in 12 hours.

Considering the unknown route of Sacramento's future, what will the future hold for the people in the area? Will they chose dependancy on a system that can no longer provide for them, or will they create a more effective way of running the community? We believe that all the various tribes must stand together not just for our rights but also security and safety the government is failing to provide us.

Whatever the future holds, it is imperative to not wait until things get any worse, now is the time to reform our communities neighborhood and social life with the tribes of the Sacramento area. Living a more integrated, successful, and fulfilling lifestyle is possible no matter which way the economy goes and the Sacramento National Anarchists Collective are doing what we can to make make that happen.

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